Acqua Body Moisturizer


 THE FRAGRANCE: A blend of sheer musk and the cool blue notes of marine algae, reminiscent of a delicate sea breeze. White lily lends a watery floralcy, while coumarin adds a touch of warmth. Aqua is a celebration of the pure, the clean, and the refreshing – a timeless, unisex fragrance perfect for those who appreciate straightforward beauty.

THE PRODUCT: Our luxurious Body Moisturizer formula includes natural ingredients such as aloe vera, apricot kernel oil, green tea and fruit extracts, sweet almond oil, silk amino acids, shea butter and honey for superior hydration. Its soft, silky texture is flawless, leaving skin lightly fragranced, radiant and smooth.

FILL: 296ml / 10oz

TOP: Tangerine, Marine Algae, Grapefruit

MID: White Lily, Tuberose, Warm Oceanic Notes

BASE: Sheer Musk, Tonka Bean, Coumarin